The Evolution of the Pivot Hinge

PART TWO: The Modern Pivot Hinge

The pivot hinge was a simple but effective solution for fixing and pivoting doors and gates.  So effective, in fact, that it’s been used for thousands of years.

While today’s pivot hinges aren’t likely to consist of stone and wooden pins, companies like Ives have improved upon those early designs to create hardware that works with today’s designs, including doors, cabinets and more.

A modern pivot hinge set

A modern pivot hinge set

Fortunately, modern pivot hinges are not nearly as unwieldy as their old-fashioned rock counterparts.  However, they still function on the same principle.  A pivot hinge consists of [1] “a fixed pin and a single joint having a height less than the adjacent hinge leaves.”  The hinge leaf is the part of the device that extends from the hole or cavity which the pin passes through.

Pivot hinges may be mounted on various parts of the door and/or door jamb/door frame, depending on the type of door and type of hinge.  They are also used for other applications, such as swinging baby cradles, gates, etc.  They may even be manufactured in a fire grade for use in commercial fire doors.  Fire-grade pivot hinges are frequently used in places such as hospitals, high-rise office and apartment buildings and hotels.

When choosing pivot hinges for any application, one of the main considerations to make is the amount of weight that the hinges must bear.  Pivot hinges are typically manufactured to bear weight in increments of 100 pounds.  Check the manufacturers specifications to determine a particular product’s weight-bearing capabilities.


ANSI/BHMA Standards.  “A Guide to Builder’s Hardware Terminology: Hinges.”  Builder’s Hardware Manufacturers Association.


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