Identifying Security Risks in Your Commercial Building

Is your commercial building/business as secure as you think it is?  Did you know that you can often improve your level of commercial security without spending a lot of money?

Start by assessing your current property and the surrounding area.  Doing a “Security Audit” can help you to see things in a different light and open your eyes to potential risks to your business.  Here are some things to think about as you conduct your audit:

  1. Lighting: Is there adequate lighting in and around your building/unit?  Are walkways, entrances/exits (even service and emergency doors) and parking areas well-lit at all times?  Do your lights come on as soon as dusk sets in? 
  2. Landscaping: Do trees or bushes cover up windows and block or restrict view in or out?  Are branches growing over walkways?  Are trees obscuring parts of parking areas?
  3. Public accessibility:  Are all public doors in areas that are visible from the outside and the inside?  Is there a way for staff to monitor who comes in and out of public doors during business hours, especially if doors are out of immediate view (i.e. doorbells, closed-circuit cameras, etc.)?  Are public doors in good working order (i.e. do door closers and panic bars function properly?)  Do staff ever prop doors open?
  4. Windows:  How much proximity is there between windows and doors?  Are windows accessible from the ground?  Do windows have bars?  Are they reinforced?  Can windows be seen clearly from the street?  Can you see inside of windows from the street?  Are windows cleaned regularly?
  5. Cameras:  Is your building/unit equipped with closed-circuit cameras?  If so, do you review feeds regularly?  Do you save taped feeds?
  6. Re-keying:  Do you re-key locks according to a fixed timetable (i.e. every year or two)?  Does re-keying occur after break-ins?
  7. Burglar alarms:  Does your alarm system work properly?  Are all staff trained in setting and disengaging alarms?  Does your security company respond quickly to triggered alarms?

This is a very basic checklist that every business owner should refer to.  Some businesses may have more specialized needs and require closer scrutiny.

Next week: How creative landscaping can improve security in and around your business/commercial property.


With thanks to the Ingersoll Rand Companyfor security tips and advice.  For more information see Ingersoll Rand’s Risk Mitigation Assessment page.

~ by pixiejen on March 9, 2009.

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