What to Look for in a Heavy Duty Cylindrical Lock

The invention of the cylindrical lock in the early 1900’s was revolutionary.  Today we take them for granted, and cylindrical locks can be found on more buildings, both commercial and residential, than any other type of lock in the world.  Heavy duty cylindrical locks are the number one choice in exterior door locks by commercial property owners.

The cylindrical lock was invented by Walter Schlage as a more convenient and economic alternative to the mortise lock.  Cylindrical locks are relatively easy to install, and cost less than mortise locks.

Cylindrical locks come in three grades: standard, medium and heavy duty.  Heavy duty cylindrical locks offer the most security and best insurance against tampering and picking.  They make an excellent choice for exterior doors, especially where high security is a priority.

When choosing heavy duty cylindrical locks, it’s important to look for some key characteristics, including:

*Grade: Commercial hardware products, including locks, are graded with a number of either 1, 2 or 3.  Grade 1 is the highest grade that a lock can receive.  A lock product, such as the Falcon T-Series Heavy Duty Cylindrical Lock, which has received a grade of 1 has been subjected to testing and evaluation.  It must pass a number of criterion in order to receive this rating, which is based on the durability and strength of the material(s) it is made from and how well it performs under a given situation.  A grade of one means that the lock will be strong and highly tamper-resistant.

The Falcon T Series Heavy Duty Cylindrical Lock (Grade 1)

The Falcon T Series Heavy Duty Cylindrical Lock (Grade 1)

* Brand: Not all brands are created equal.  Some of the best commercial lock brands on the commercial hardware market include Schlage and Falcon.  Brands like these have been around for decades and have proven themselves in the market as both strong and reliable.  In fact, many Schlage door lock products exceed the standards of grading for door locks.

*Materials: Look for strong metals.  That includes each and every component.  A door lock is only as strong as its weakest component, so every single piece should be built to be durable.

Remember to consider aspects such as fire ratings when choosing a heavy duty cylindrical lock.  Locks which are intended for use in fire doors must also be fire rated for the same length of time as the door/wall itself.

*Further reading: Check out “Choosing the Best Door Lock for Your Home.”

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