Glynn-Johnson Makes Improvement to its 400 Series Overhead Door Stops

The Glynn-Johnson 400 Series of overhead door stops  is better than it used to be.  The 400 Series is one of the company’s most popular line of overhead door stops.  Improvements to its design makes each product in the line more durable, a bonus for any door, particularly those which see a high degree of daily traffic.

The improvement was made in 2002, and came in the way of re-designed end caps.  The new end caps are stronger, and fit more closely in the door’s mounting hardware.  The result is an overhead door stop that will resist damage and last longer than the old design.

The change in end caps did not necessitate any change in the design of the stoppers themselves, nor does it change the door preparation.  This makes retrofitting 400 Series models produced before 2002 relatively simple.  Models which were made before 2002 can simply have the end caps replaced.  Even if the entire unit needs to be replaced, no changes need to be made to the existing door template.

Glynn-Johnson, a subsidiary of the Ingersoll Rand company, has long been known in the industry as “the overhead door specialists.”  The company has been in business for 75 years, and employs some of the best  engineers in the world who design its many overhead door products, including the 400 Series, and its line of push/pull latches.  Glynn-Johnson manufactures the most reliable overhead door stops in the industry, as well as offering a comprehensive warranty on its products. 

Glynn-Johnson continually looks for ways to improve upon existing products, such as they did with the 400 Series end caps.  They also continue to research and develop new products and technologies.

~ by pixiejen on April 20, 2009.

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