The Ives Pocket Pivot Hinge: What is it, and Where is it Used?

Pocket pivot hinges may be relatively unfamiliar to many, even contractors.  Pocket pivot hinges are not common, but are innovative nevertheless, and worthy of consideration, particularly for certain commercial building applications.

An Ives Pocket Pivot Hinge

An Ives Pocket Pivot Hinge

The Ives Pocket Pivot Hinge works on the same principle as the company’s other pivot-style hinges.  The pivot hinge  consists of a pin and and a single joint.  The pocket pivot hinge takes pivot principle to a new level.   The pocket pivot allows the door to be opened to a full ninety-degree angle.  When the door is fully opened, it actually rests flush in the “pocket” of the corridor.  In this way, the door is completely out of the way of hallway/corridor through-traffic.

The Ives Pocket Pivot Hinge is the perfect solution for commercial buildings with corridors that:

* Experience heavy through-traffic.

* Rely upon clear corridors for executing business.

* Need extra safety measures in place (particularly in emergency situations.)

* Appreciate a certain aesthetic appearance.

Pocket pivot hinges are commonly found in commercial buildings like hospitals.  Hospital corridors not only experience heavy foot traffic, they are also constantly subject to situations which require ease of fast movement and pathways that are free of any obstacles.  Precious seconds can be saved when open doors are not protruding into corridors, blocking gurneys or stretchers and hampering medical personnel.

Pocket pivot hinges are also found in hotels and high-rise buildings.  These types of buildings also experience a steady daily flow of traffic.  Corridors are frequently built as narrow as building codes will allow in order to increase the amount of living space in the building.  This sometimes necessitates extra safety measures so that corridors can be navigated easily, especially in an emergency/mass panic situation such as a fire.  Hallways are free of door obstructions, and are also easier for emergency workers to navigate even if doors are open.

Each single Ives 91105F Pocket Pivot Hinge can bear up to ninety pounds of weight, so the number of hinges needed for a particular door depends upon the size and weight of the door.  Typically, doors up to seven feet should require no more than two hinges.  Doors over seven feet high should use three.

The 91105F is full mortised and employs heavy-duty ball bearings for durability.  The stainless steel components are fire rated for three-hour metal fire doors.  The Ives Pocket Pivot Hinge provides long-lasting stability and performance for commercial buildings where clear corridors are a necessity.

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