What is a Door Silencer?

Do you have a problem with doors that rattle and make noise when they close?  Door silencers were invented as a solution for quieter doors.

A door silencer is a small piece of molded, heavy-duty rubber material.  It may be cone-shaped or rod-shaped.  The cone/rod is molded to a flat, slightly thickened backing.

The Ives SR64 cone-shaped door silencer.
The Ives SR64 cone-shaped door silencer.
A door silencer is affixed to the frame of a door.  They can be applied to both metal and wooden doors.  Silencers are installed by drilling a cavity into the stop strip of the door frame.  The rod/cone portion of the device then slips inside the cavity.  It can be secured by simply driving a brad through the stop strip and into the rubber stem of the device.
The flat portion of the  door silencer will lie slightly raised from the stop strip.  However, it is flexible enough to allow the door to close completely.  The rubber acts as a shock and sound absorber.  When the door is closed, the silencer absorbs the force generated from closing the door, making it virtually silent.
The number of silencers that should be installed depends largely upon the size and components of the door.  A standard size door usually needs no more than three silencers spaced equidistant from one another: one in the side stop strip near the top of the door frame, one in the center and one near the bottom.  In pairs of doors, four silencers are usually recommended (two for each door) and are installed in the top stop strip.
Some applications for door silencers include
  • Hospitals
  • Childrens/babies rooms
  • Offices
  • Schools
  • Care/group homes

~ by pixiejen on May 29, 2009.

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