New Covers for the 4040 Series: The LCN 4040 Snap-On Cover

The LCN 4040 Series of door closers has been making it simple to comply with ANSI and fire safety regulations for decades.  The popular, top-selling series now has a new addition: an innovative new cover that ensures even greater safety as well as professional and appealing aesthetics. The LCN Snap-On Cover makes retro-fitting existing 4040 series door closers easy.

The LCN 4040 series continues to be one of LCN’s top-selling door closers.  The 4040 Series’ innovative design offers flexibility when it comes to fire doors.  By law, fire doors must be closed to prevent the spread of flames from one part of a commercial building to another during a fire emergency.  The LCN 4040 Series of sentronic door closers lets building owners/lessees hold doors open if desired.  However, a current interruption (such as during a fire) will automatically close the door when a building’s smoke/fire detection system is activated.

The newest addition to the 4040 line of products is its cover, introduced in mid-2008. The new cover can be applied to any existing door closer from the popular series.  New models are currently being produced with the new cover design.

The new cover has a number of distinctive improvements over the old cover.  Its features include:

* An exclusive patented bracket design unique to LCN.  Installation takes seconds with the simple but effective snap-bracket design.

* No screws required.

* Bracket is non-handed, making it as easy for left-handers to apply as right-handers.

* Molded, seamless construction reduces the risk of wear and tear for a longer-lasting product.

* Modern design with rounded corners for a contemporary look.

The new LCN 4040 Snap-On cover comes in all of the same finishes as the rest of the series.  This makes it easy to match existing door closers already installed.  The variety of available finishes also makes it simple to match any office or building decor, creating a professional, unified look throughout your building or unit.

The LCN 4040SE Sentronic Door Closer

The LCN 4040SE Sentronic Door Closer

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