Popular Hardware


PopularHardware.com is your on-line supercenter for quality locks and accessories. It is owned and operated by seasoned professionals with many years of experience in doors and related hardware. The success of our business is due to being fully committed to providing the highest quality products at the best prices in an expeditious manner. We carry only the best known and time tested brands. PopularHardware.com is the friendly supplier of many well-known developers, contractors and others who buy our brand locks and accessories. They know that we carry the products that they need. We’re completely focused on their needs, since our business is strictly to the trade.
PopularHardware.com offers only the best branded products, proven for their long term durability and dependability. Our manufacturers are selected for their reputation for excellence. So whether you’re a general contractor, contractor, developer, or institutional buyer for a nursing home, hospital, school, or university, PopularHardware.com has your lock and the accessories you need.
PopularHardware is committed to making your shopping for the highest quality locks and accessories a quick and efficient experience. We have an extensive background of working with thousands of customers just like you. We know that you are looking for reliable products that will stand the test of time and will enhance your project. We understand your restraints of budget and demand of time, all of which are factored into our on-line supercenter model. It’s part of the business philosophy that has made our related businesses the contractor’s best friend. We hope to add you to our friendship list.

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